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Specialized service
Custom made 3D
Printed Teeth

CEREC 3D CAD CAM offers same-day teeth restorations. We create a 3-dimensional digital scan of your teeth, design the restoration in 3D and mill it from a ceramic block in just a few minutes. CEREC restorations give you extremely precise, strong and highly aesthetic restorations in a single visit to the dentist.

With CEREC 3D CAD CAM and our team of specialists, we can create up to ten teeth per patient, per day. This includes full ceramic crowns, veneers, bridges, and inlays which all look and feel exactly like natural teeth.

CEREC 3D CAD/CAM digital dental technology

CEREC 3D CAD/CAM single appointment crowns and bridges

Looks better. Fits better. Lasts longer.

We were the first dental clinic in Lima to start working with breakthrough, cutting-edge CEREC 3D CAD-CAM digital dental technology since the end of 2009. During this time we have been introducing 3D CAD-CAM restorations for almost all our daily treatments.

Dr Enrique Yuen is extremely passionate about this system and as a perfectionist too, every single tooth must be 100% before he places it in the patient’s mouth. CEREC is used for single teeth restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays, and even bridges.

Dr Yuen and our team have more than ten years’ experience with CEREC, giving us valuable hands-on experience that no other clinic in Lima has.

Finally, this ground-breaking technology has proven very successful where busy lifestyles and only short trips to Lima dictate that time is of the essence.


Advantages of 3D CAD CAM Technology Include:

– CEREC restorations have the same characteristics as normal healthy dental enamel.

– Porcelain, EMax, Enamic, Zirconium and many other different options of materials are available.

– One day treatments with no repeat appointments.

– One appointment crowns, bridges, veneers and restorations.

– Minimally invasive, comfortable, fast and painless.

– Healthy, aesthetic, bio-compatible porcelain with no metals or alloys.

– We take 100% control of the scanning process, the 3D design and then the immediate fabrication of these extremely high precision restorations.

– No temporaries, no second appointments, no gagging impressions, no additional anaesthetic and no more messing about! It’s faster, stronger and easier.

– Very conservative as only the very necessary tooth structure is altered while we prepare it for the new restoration.

dr enrique yuen

Replacement Amalgam Fillings with 3D Restorations

CEREC 3D CAD CAM Replacement Amalgam Fillings

White Fillings, which are also known as composite resins or porcelain inlays, allow teeth to be filled and rebuilt using aesthetically acceptable materials.

White Fillings do not contain mercury and are an ideal choice for achieving long term strength in teeth.

However, teeth that are heavily filled with large silver amalgam or mercury fillings are at risk of fracturing because the tooth is weakened and spread apart by these old, traditional filling materials.

White resin is not the ideal choice for replacing amalgams. Resin material is a type of soft paste which does not offer strength or correct contour to the occlusal, biting surface of the tooth.

Resins are good for some treatments such as small, new decays and is a flat, shapeless filling.

As a better alternative, we always suggest a more durable and much stronger type of restoration for the replacement of amalgams.

Fortunately, teeth can now be rebuilt and strengthened with ceramic inlays. These restorations bond the tooth together as opposed to expanding it, preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure.

This allows teeth to be safely and aesthetically restored while also achieving a more attractive smile. Only a dentist will notice you have inlays as they look and feel exactly like a natural tooth.

This is what you can expect during the process:

  1. Keeping the fillings cool during the removal process with water and air is very important as this reduces the amount of mercury vapor the filling produces during treatment.
  2. We use a high-volume evacuator (suction system) as we feel this is one of the most important tools in minimizing the patient’s exposure to mercury vapor and amalgam particles.
  3. We use additional air purification. A special air filtering system that’s placed as close to the patient’s mouth as is practical helps the patient breathe as much pure air as possible.
  4. Throughout the process, the fillings and particles are immediately and professionally disposed of.
  5. Finally, we recommend the patient takes a course of vitamins to boost their immune system.
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teeth replacement amalgam treatment at perudental