Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We offer initial consultations in person and also virtual dental consultations.

In-person consultations include a 3D virtual scan of all your teeth for a more accurate diagnosis.

Contact us to offer you how we plan to restore or enhance your smile.

    3D CT scan Imaging

    We take a 3D scan of the mouth at your first appointment. This computerized 3D scan is essential for an accurate diagnosis, including smile design, restorative treatments and implant planning.


    why 3d imaging?

    A 3D scan gives us much more detail than a regular dental x-ray. It also reduces risks and saves time for the patient while eliminating unnecessary appointments. Three-dimensional x-rays provide extremely clear images in high definition for a 100% correct diagnosis.

    Professional Imaging

    We combine professional photographic images of all your teeth with the 3D scan to deliver a clear explanation of the treatment you need, why you need it, and a breakdown of the costs involved.

    professional photographic images of the teeth