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ZOOM 1 Hour Professional Teeth Whitening

We offer two different options for teeth whitening; an at-home, custom made, nightzoom 3 teeth whitening in limawhitening kit or an in-office option which takes just one appointment.

‘‘Zoom 3’’ 45 minute whitening.

Teeth whitening - or bleaching - is a simple way to lighten teeth quickly and inexpensively without bonding porcelain to the teeth or removing sound tooth structure. Bleaching is safe, unlike some of the abrasive products available over the counter – and makes a huge difference in the beauty of your smile.

We have been doing Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments for almost 10 years and we were the first clinic in Peru to have Zoom lamps so we certainly know the system well and know how to get best results without any side effects.        

We now have 4 lamps from the very first system to the latest system which is ''Zoom 3, Advanced Power''.

In our clinic, we do lots of Zoom treatments and we certainly know how the system works. Here, a trained dentist takes care of the preparations and not the assistants.

Teeth typically lighten between 6-10 shades and often even more in the following days.

How does it work?

It works very simply! Three, 15 minute sessions are given to the patient and after each session, the special Zoom whitening gel is removed and fresh gel is applied. 45 minutes later, the patient is ready to leave with some basic care instructions for taking care of their new, whiter smile. It's that simple.

Meanwhile, the at-home night custom made whitening kit consists of a syringe with whitening gel, a professional custom fit tray that fits perfectly over your teeth and also an additional syringe with fluoride for those that feel excessive sensitivity.

At our specialist dentist clinic in Lima Peru, we recommend Zoom 3 teeth whitening for fast, effective and lasting results!

Zoom Teeth Whitening