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Direct Veneers


Direct veneers are different to porcelain veneers because they are 'sculpted' directly on to your natural tooth - but finishing with a more desirable shape and shade of whiteness that you personally choose in the process.

With traditional porcelain veneers, one must lose a portion of the surface of each tooth for the porcelain veneer 'cap' to be placed on top. In the majority of cases, people suitable for direct veneers do not need to reduce the natural tooth enamel in order for the veneer to be placed.

Dr Enrique Yuen makes a special focus on direct veneer treatments and this is one treatment tat he is especially passionate about.

photo of veneers beforephoto of veneers after

Your smile can be restored with us here in Peru, where we make beautiful smiles our passion, restoring color, shape and look.