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Dental Teeth Implants in Lima

Dental teeth implants are always the best way to replace missing teeth

dental implant in lima

There´s nothing better than a good, belly-aching laugh! But what if you don’t have any teeth? That could be quite embarassing or as in most cases, people are afraid to laugh or simply cover their mouth with their hand when they do so.

Stage I is when the dental implant post is placed in to the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth's root. A natural process which is called Oseointegration then occurs over the following 3 months allowing the jaw bone and implant to integrate together, with the bone naturally regenerating around the implant threads to become strong. A dental implant can be placed in just 20 minutes and if several implants are required, then multiple dental implant placement happens on just one treatment session and the time taken depends on the amount of implants needed.

Stage II, three months later, the patient is ready to finish the procedure and place the implant abutment and crown in just 2 short appointments, normally 3 days apart.

Further Information:
Teeth implants are not as complex or as painful as people think. A single tooth implant can be expertly placed by our Master Implantologist in a short session of only 20 minutes and most patients then return to their everyday routine immediately.

photo dental teeth implant

While anybody with a missing tooth or missing teeth is normally a candidate for implants, it is important to know that there are always options to chose from. For those people missing an entire arch of teeth, whether it be the upper or lower side, an all-on-four implant denture may be the best solution. In this case, four implants are placed where the jaw bone is strongest and once healing has ocurred, a denture can be placed ''all on four''. However, for greater stability, the same procedure can also be done with 6 dental implants and even 8 implants is possibile for some patients.

At our state of the art clinic in Lima, we provide full aftercare instructions too and we're on call 24 hours a day if you need to ask any questions after implant placement. Restoring your smile with us in Peru has never been easier or more comfortable.