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Full Mouth Dental Implants - 'All on Six' Procedure



An all on six is the best way to restore an arch of missing teeth using six dental implants and a hybrid, custom made fixed denture. This type of treatment gives the patient strong, durable teeth again, meaning chewing steak, biting apples and enjoying a good belly aching laugh with friends is all do-able once again!

First Trip to Lima

On this trip, you'll have the surgical part of treatment completed which includes the removal of any remaining teeth, possible bone graft and tissue regeneration, plus implant placement, too: typically 6 dental implants are placed if all teeth are missing in an arch. We have great techniques in modern dentistry which allows us to do this treatment on one session so that healing occurs at the same time without the need to go back later and perform additional surgery.

This happens under sedation while you are extremely comfortable and relaxed.

Time in Lima? You need to stay for 7 - 10 days so that we can perform this part of treatment and monitor the initial stages of healing before discharging you.

all on 6 dental implants

Second Trip to Lima

After at least 3 months have passed, allowing time for bone integration with the dental implants, you return for phase two of treatment. This is where the magic happens and we begin to fabricate the teeth.

It's a process similar to engineering, with lots of little parts involved, appointments most days of the week for tests and fittings, bite alignment and many adjustments to make sure everything fits perfectly. Then, once the lab, doctors and you are satisfied with everything feeling and looking great, the final touch-ups, polishing and placement happens.

Time in Lima? You must stay for a minimum of 3 weeks to allow for this phase of treatment to be correctly completed.