Peru Dental - Lima Peru Dentist
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Each of our dental units has 3D CT scan integrated imaging for extreme clarity and are also 3D CAD CAM technology enabled. Add this to our state of the art chairs brought from Germany and you're in for a great experience, in total comfort, from the moment you arrive. With this technology you can say adios to bad dental experiences.

CEREC Drs. Enrique and Daniel Yuen

Dr Daniel Yuen and Dr Enrique Yuen (right), specialist dentists in 3D CAD CAM, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. True professionals and perfectionists in their work.

Lloyd Hannis

Lloyd Hannis is our Office Manager and is here to help make sure your experience is A1+ from beginnning to end. 

Dra Gosia Zmonarska - root canal specialist

Dra Gosia, one of our Root Canal specialist dentists and an eye for the finest of details, is well accustomed to digital Apex Locator technology and instant digital x-rays to ensure your endodontic treatment is the most accurate and successful possible.

Pedro Marticorena

Dr Pedro Marticorena, a superb Maxilofacial Surgeon with steady, reliable hands for complex surgeries such  as wisdom teeth removal.

Dra Sandra Bobbio

Dra Sandra Bobbio, also a Root Canal specialist and an integral part of our team.

Dra Andrea Camere

Dra Andrea Camere, specialist in periodontics, dental implants, sinus lifts, gum grafts, bone grafts, periodontal cleanings, CEREC 3D CAD CAM restorations and hygiene treatments... a very special, talented young lady indeed.

Dra Patricia Angeles kid dentist

A great first experience at the dentist is really important for our youngest guests and who better to treat them than a specialist kids dentist with kids of her own - Dra Patricia Angeles, as a parent herself, knows what you and your child expect.

Blue Room, Perudental lima dentist

The blue unit, sometimes referred to as our 'Rolls Royce' room, is used for CEREC restorations and cosmetic dental procedures. 

red treatment room perudental

The red room is used for first time consultations and diagnosis as we have a large screen TV which connects to our 3D CT scan system so that we can show you your images in high definition and help you understand more clearly why we recommend treatment.

Yellow room, perudental lima

Our yellow unit, often used for root canal treatments is equipped for instant digital periapical x-rays, produced by our NomadPro handheld x-ray device.

green room perudental

Our green unit is very comfortable, and with a nice view over green playing fields, you can lie back and relax during a Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment...

green and yellow perudental

All of our rooms have large doors and are spacious and accomodating for both the patient and doctor, creating a feeling of space and comfort.

turquoise room perudental

Our turquoise unit is normally reserved for surgeries such as dental implants, sinus lifts, bone grafts and teeth extractions.