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Digital Implant Dentistry in 2019

Digital Dental Implants in 2019

Digital Dental ImplantsNow with digital implantology, we could easily see where it was going. More importantly, we could see how it would benefit our patients and our practice, adding 100% precision and predictability to every single procedure.

Digital implantology - it’s about digital, virtual implant planning, knowing exactly how and where the implant is to be placed and the real magic comes when you put everything together to minimize patient trauma and patient visits while still delivering a superb level of care and treatment.

Case Study

John came to us seeking a second opinion after his regular dentist told him that he needs an extraction and bone grafting. Some months later, after that had time to heal, he’d go back for the next phase which was to place the implant (this meant a second operation on the same area). Even more months later, he’d go back yet again to get impressions taken, wait for lab work to be complete and on another appointment some two or three weeks later, get his final crown and finish treatment.

Total treatment time? About twelve months. Wow! 

However, John wanted a different solution, a more conservative approach. This is when he decided to visit our clinic.

Dental Implant

Visit 1

We take a 3D scan of the mouth in HD and share with John exactly how we can place an implant on the same day that we remove the tooth. With a virtual implant image selected by the computer software, we show him the exact position, size and angle of the implant we are going to place and put this into his 3D image, ensuring perfect implant placement planning.

Seeing this technology in action and being involved in his treatment planning from step one, John decides to move forward with treatment that same day and opts to be comfortable using our expert oral sedation option. Once ready, we remove the tooth and then place the implant in to position as previously planned, adding bone graft material as needed.

Visit 2

After time is allowed for the implant to integrate with the jaw bone, John then came back for the final stage of implant treatment where we took a very fast, easy and non-invasive digital impression with our 3D CAD CAM scanner. A full ceramic crown (or E.Max or Zirconium) plus a zirconium abutment connection was custom designed and fabricated there and then, on just one short session followed by placement to complete treatment.

Total treatment time? Two appointments!!

Virtual digital implant planning

Highlighting the nerves in the lower jaw (the pink lines) allows greater accuracy in implant planning. This image also shows how the implant is virtually placed before any surgery begins, using state of the art digital software and 3D x-rays.