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CEREC Omnicam Restorations in 1 Hour or Less


The Very Latest in Full Color, High Definition Scanning and Tooth Design. Faster. Stronger. Easier.


Dr Enrique Yuen has been using Cerec 3D CAD CAM technology since 2010 and he is very pleased to announce that we are the first dental clinic in Lima Peru to introduce the very latest intra-oral scanner in the 3D CAD CAM series, called ‘Cerec Omnicam’.

This groundbreaking technology has a lot of benefits for our superb state of the art dental clinic in Lima,CEREC Omnican, Lima, Peru Peru such as scanning a single tooth, multiple teeth or even a whole arch in just a few short seconds – this is something that has never been done before. Plus, it now happens in high definition full color, too!                                                                                                            An additional benefit is that the scanner is nearly 50% smaller than the previous model, meaning it is extremely comfortable and the patient feels absolutely nothing, with no prodding in their mouth at all. Treatment performance has also increased by approximately 40% due to scanning speeds and faster CAD CAM design time thanks to improvements in the latest version of the software. So, what about success rates? Research has shown that after 5 years of Cerec restoration placements, the success rate is an impressive 91.6%.                                                                                                                           It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.                     1. With the images on the screen in front of you, the CAD CAM technology kicks in to gear, creating your new tooth (or teeth) in just a few short moments in glorious 3D with Dr Yuen designing them with you, chair-side.                                                        2. Next, the computer sends a signal to the milling unit which makes your tooth from a porcelain block, color matching it to your other teeth, in just 6 or 7 minutes.    3. On the same appointment, in about 60 minutes, your final restoration is permanently placed with no waiting for lab work, no test phase and no second appointment. This is state of the art, single appointment dentistry!

We have the most technologically advanced dental clinic in Lima and one of the very best dentist clinics in all of the Americas.

CEREC milling unit MCXLCEREC Crowns, Lima