Peru Dental - Lima Peru Dentist
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Cosmetic Dentistry


Creating the most natural smiles in Peru, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic dental surgery treatment with Dr Enrique Yuen in Lima can include many treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening, laser gum surgery, dental bridges and full ceramic porcelain crowns.

Dr Yuen specializes in cosmetic dentistry and it’s one of the treatments he is more pasionate about. He started to provide a particular focus on Smile Makeover Design since 2003, in comparison to standardized protocols or copying basic shapes of smiles, he artistically creates the type of smile which works in total harmony with your facial characteristics, giving you a natural result.

Direct Veneers

This becomes a more personallized treatment which demands the longest appointment slots in our practice.

Dental veneers, as you can see in the photos above and below, are ideal for both men and women when considering closing small or medium sized gaps, correcting slight misalignments, altering the contour and color of the teeth and even correcting the smile line which will add symmetry to the teeth and smile.

dental veneers before

Cosmetic dentistry and general dental care with us in Lima will save you around half of what you would spend on the same high quality treatments in the USA, Canada or Europe. Your smile, made in Peru.