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Expert Periodontal Cleanings & Deep Cleanings

Dra Andrea Camere


Doctora Andrea Camere is our periodontal specialist and has been with us since 2013. Let's see what she has to say about combatting and controling periodontal disease:

''For people with periodontal and gum disease, regular deep periodontal cleanings are very important and doing that will help preserve your overall health much better, too. It has been proven that periodontal (gum) disease can affect other areas of health such as diabetes and heart disease. 

It can be as simple as attending appointments every 3 - 4 months for a short treatment, which can help to prevent other, much more serious health issues in the future. Attending those regular appointments to control the problem will mean less frequent appointments after a short time. Prevention is definitely the key''  - Dra Camere

1. Periodontal Cleanings: Periodontists are dentistry's e​xperts in treating periodontal and other gum related diseases and problems. They receive up to three additional years of specialized training in both surgical and non-surgical. Periodontists are also experts in replacing missing teeth with dental implants using bone grafting, gum grafting and other restorative procedures.

2. Root Planing: This deep cleaning removes and eliminates plaque, food products and calculus build-up in and around the gums leaving them clean and able to recover their optimal health. Scaling: This next phase of treatment involves treating the tooth's root and removing plaque and debris to allow the 'pockets' in the gums to become healthy again.

3. Maintenance: Patients with periodontal disease must have regular Root Scaling and Planing treatments at least every 3 or 4 months. In most cases, treatment is ongoing and proper care by a specialist is very important. Failing to take the necessary care with periodontal problems will most likely result in tooth loss, gum recession and bone loss over the long term.