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Changing Amalgam Fillings for Strong Porcelain Restorations

Replacing & Changing Silver Amalgam Fillings for White Ceramic Restorations

White Fillings, which are also known as composite resins or porcelain inlays, allow teeth to be filled and rebuilt utilizing more aesthetically acceptable materials. White Fillings do not contain mercury and are an ideal choice for achieving long term strength in filled teeth. However, teeth that are heavily filled with large silver amalgam or mercury fillings are at risk of fracturing because the tooth is spread apart by these traditional filling materials.

These teeth can now be rebuilt and strengthend with ceramic inlays, which holds the tooth together as opposed to expanding it, preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure. This allows teeth to be safely and aesthetically restored while also achieving a more attractive smile.

Safe Removal of Silver Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings contain a high percentage of mercury. Also known as holistic dentistry, removing amalgam from the mouth is a delicate process and strict guidelines must be followed by both the dentist and the assistant.

holistic dentistry amalgam fillingphoto of scanphoto porcelain inlayphoto restored tooth inlay

This is what you can expect during the process:

1.Keeping the fillings cool during the removal process with water and air is very important as this reduces the amount of mercury vapor the filling produces during treatment.

2. We use a high-volume evacuator (suction system) when necessary as we feel this is one of the most important tools in minimizing the patient’s exposure to mercury vapor and amalgam particles.

3.We use additional air purification when necessary or requested by the patient. A special air filtering system that’s placed as close to the patient’s mouth as is practical, helps the patient breathe as much pure air as possible.

4. Throughout the process, the fillings and particles are immediately and professionally disposed of.

5. Finally, we recommend the patient takes a course of vitamins to boost their immune system.