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Expert Sedation Dentistry



More and more patients choose to take their treatment whilst being under a conscious state of stress free ‘sleepiness’ which we call conscious sedation. This gives the patient and the dentist many advantages, as follows:

1. Anxious or nervous patients quickly become relaxed and calm, often in a matter of minutes.

2. Under sedation, several individual sessions can be combined in to just one, to save time and repeat visits to the clinic.

3. Sedation helps the dentist advance quickly with treatments because the patient is more relaxed and cooperative. Therefore, 100% accuracy in treatments can be achieved in less time.

4. The patient is in total comfort, often asleep or ‘dozing’ during treatment, with a warm fleece blanket over them and soothing music in the background.

5. We have 10 years experience using conscious sedation methods and can also offer full IV sedation with some of our patients, too.

Sedation Patient Testimonial