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Root Canal Therapy

Painless Root Canal Treatments? Absolutely. 

Our root canal treatments are only performed by a dedicated root canal specialist who uses digital Apex Locator technology to give our patients the most accurate, longest lasting root canal treatment possible.

Our price for root canal treatment with us in Lima includes unlimited local x-rays, all anesthetic and every follow-up appointment too until you are completely satisfied with your treatment.

Our cost is fixed and includes everything from start to finish and no matter how complex your root canal may become, there will be no change in the price.

How does it work?

Firstly, and after numbing the area to be treated, an access point in the tooth is created so that the nerve tissues, blood vessels and other celular entities can be safely removed. Once removed, the hollow of the root canal is then cleaned, decontaminated and later re-filled to restore the tooth to health. It is almost always necessary to place a post inside the tooth to add strength, before restoring it with a crown which is normally on the next appointment just a few days later.

Dra Gosia, root canal specialist endodontist