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3D Digital X-Rays


We are the only dental clinic in Lima to have this technology on-site for immediate diagnosis and treatment planning.


The time-efficient approach to diagnostics

Our in-office 3D CT x-ray scanning unit shows us more detail than we have ever seen before allowing us to give 100% accurate diagnosis in no time at all. The images can be rotated through 360 degrees and give us a spectacular view of your mouth showing much more detail than any panoramic or bitewing scan.

3D CT scan x-rays offer maximum image quality in high definition, showing all dimensions with striking results, providing complete 3D views for more thorough analysis.

The Power of 3D

Our 3D x-rays are taken digitally, meaning the patient receives up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, making them extremely safe. These x-rays are available for full evaluation just 5 minutes after being taken.

Additionally, and for perfect treatment planning, we can insert virtual dental implants, locating them in the exact position to be placed during the surgical procedure according to where the best bone quality is available. 

photo 3D CT scan x-ray