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inEos X5 - Digital Lab Scanner

inEos X5
The Most Innovative Digital Dental Scanner

We have this new revolutionary laboratory scanner in our clinic for all digitization tasks. Featuring a robot arm, innovative model positioning, the latest scanning technology and an open interface, the 5-axis inEos X5 is our passport to unrivalled precision, flexible handling, quick scanning times and a comprehensive application spectrum.
inEos X5 sirona lab scanner
Great Benefits for Doctor & Patient!

Automatic: The unique operating concept has been programmed to ensure maximum efficiency for all scanning tasks and is augmented by the manual scanning option.

Speed: The innovative 5-axis technology with a robot arm and the exact definition of the scanning area ensures quick, automatic positioning. This reduces the data quantities and accelerates the subsequent computation of the model. 

Precision: The new scanning technology offers outstanding precision and depth of field. Together with the autofocus function this creates the perfect platform for our designs and production.