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Zyrcomat T Sintering Oven

Zirconium Crowns & Bridges

We can make on-site Zirconium frames and complete the whole process in our office without the need for an external lab, reducing treatment time considerably.

This is a technology which is not common in most dental clinics but is a specialized process often only used by external specialist labs.

However, having this technology on-site, we can perform Zirconium (white) structures so we can avoid the use of dark metal and alloy frames underneath bridges and crowns which always leave a dark line or rim around the patients' gums and restorations after a few years of use. Zirconium crowns and bridges offer a great advantage in this respect, giving longer lasting, problem free restorations for many years, outliving all other types of crowns and bridges.

Our 3D CAD CAM computer made Zirconium crowns and bridges have a white interior and are esthetically superb.

zirconium bridge peru