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Extreme Makeover - full dental crowns

This older patient had very stained, worn looking teeth and by using the latest advances in dental technology, a bright new look was achieved in just one week!

Extreme Makeover - lateral view, full crowns

This lady had many problems with her teeth, but Dr Yuen brilliantly restored her smile to show white, perfectly contoured teeth, giving a new look to this patient and a stunning new smile.

Extreme Makeover - full dental crowns

And from the front, we can see how a full set of crowns can make a big difference.

Extreme Makeover - upper side crowns

This man had slightly misaligned teeth but usng veneers, Dr Enrique Yuen is able to re-create the perfect alignment of the smile, giving a smooth, bright new look to this smile.

Extreme Makeover - fron side complex makeover

From the front, you notice a big change in the smile and overall appearance, improving facial symmetry and giving a beautiful final result.

Extreme Makeover - complex makeover

A complete resconstruction including surgery to remove an additinonal, un-needed tooth took Dr Yuen some weeks to complete this case, but the results speak for themselves.

 Extreme Makeover - older patients can also...

From the front, we can see the new aligment of the teeth which was created using dental crowns by Dr Yuen at our clinic in Lima, Peru.

 Extreme Makeover - older patients can also...

This patient needed mostly only cosmetic work and in just a few short appointments, made a tremendous difference to her smile.

 Extreme Makeover - lateral view of seriously...

Old, stained, unhealthy teeth on both the upper and lwoer sides are restored using crowns to give an excellent final result.

 Extreme Makeover - front view of seriously...

From the front, we see that this patients smile is unpleasant, but after treatment with Dr Yuen, the smile changes completely and is very white with a great final result.

 Extreme Makeover - grinded teeth can have...

These teeth were ''flat'' but through modern dental techniques, the contour and smooth look to this patients smile was restoredwith a beautiful final result. 

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